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7 questions to reflect on before the new year

It’s about time to set New Year’s resolutions for 2021, but before we set goals for the next year, why not take the time to ponder on what we have done in the year that has passed? 

Let’s face it – 2020 has not been the best year. The world has been heavily hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has infected over 80 million people and resulted in over 1.7 million deaths to date Governments have imposed strict isolation and quarantine measures, as well as travel restrictions. The coronavirus pandemic has caused tremendous global social and economic disruption, to say the least..

Given that it’s such a turbulent year, it’s particularly important for you to wrap up your work, reflect on your past work, and think about how you can improve yourself. To help you think critically, our team at Pacific Prime China has put together a useful list of questions to help you peer into the mirror of 2020.

Year-end self-reflection questions

These questions should help you reflect on your learnings and inspire you to plan ahead for the upcoming year. It’s best that you set aside some time for yourself and write down your thoughts on a piece of paper. 

Questions for reflection in 2020

1.What were your proudest moments in 2020?

Despite the fact that it has been such a depressing year, there must have been some achievements you have made that deserve celebration. It could be a big mountain of work that you have done, or it could be how you managed to resolve personal conflicts. While we are all too accustomed to making way for improvements, it is crucial to take the time to give ourselves credit and remember our accomplishments because they can help us identify what motivates us and brings us the greatest sense of fulfillment. 

2. What was your biggest challenge?

As painful as it could be, it’s time to look at the dark side and recognize things that didn’t work out. It could be realizing your limitations in work or walking away from a bad relationship. Even though it’s frustrating, you should remember that we all make mistakes, but what truly matters is whether we can assess them objectively so that we can learn the lessons and avoid similar mistakes in the future.

3. What were the things that you needed to let go of?

From resentment to anger, sometimes we need to let things go to move on to the next stage and become a better person. It’s essential that you stop holding on to things that are harming you or no longer serve you so that you can have the space for something new to enter your life.

4. Did you take good care of yourself?

We all have millions of excuses for not practicing self-care, such as not having enough time or “not feeling like it now”. Now is a good time for you to make new, healthier habits part of your regular routine. A good example would be to purchase a solid health insurance policy, an investment that the future you will thank you for. 

Questions for inspiration in 2021

5. How will you simplify your new life?

Sometimes we may have our plates full without knowing about it, or we may be spending time on things that don’t really deserve so much of our attention like, say, social media. It’s crucial that we take time out of our hectic schedules and try to simplify our lives. Instead of adding new goals to yourself endlessly, why not get rid of unnecessary things and focus on what truly matters to your inner self?

6. What do you want to learn in the New Year?

Some people assert that goals should be measurable and specific as it can help you stay on track of progress. However, these performance goals could be extremely stressful and even debilitating, particularly if you don’t have enough experience to meet them. An alternative way is to set learning goals, which emphasize acquiring new skills and knowledge to promote personal growth. For example, if you want to boost your website’s performance, instead of setting ‘increasing web traffic by 50 percent’ as your performance goal, you can use a learning goal of ‘developing five new marketing tactics’.

7. What will be the mantra for 2021?

A mantra is a phrase that encapsulates who you want to be or what you want to achieve. Having a mantra allows you to define intentions for the year ahead. It can be incredibly powerful as it can give you the drive and courage to make things happen in a year. It also serves as a reminder to quit bad habits such as procrastinating. 

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