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Why you should not make New Year’s Resolutions this year

In general, it’s a good idea to make promises and plans to lead a better, healthier life. However, waiting for the end of the year to do so is not necessarily the best idea. New Year’s resolutions are made at the time of year when we tend to look back and contemplate our past year, looking at all the good and bad things that happened, and with all that comes a strong willpower to change things for better. However, even if made in a good faith, New Year’s resolutions, more often than not, fail.

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The trap of New Year’s Resolutions

Resolutions come in many forms. Some of us make a promise to change a bad habit (to quit smoking, for example). Others want to start and maintain a positive change in their lives, most commonly by exercising regularly and eating healthy. But there is a small problem specifically with New Year’s Resolutions. They usually don’t last.

Below you can find three main reasons why you shouldn’t make New Year’s resolutions this year, and what you can do instead.

They don’t change your behavior for good

When the decision to make a major lifestyle change, such as losing weight or quitting smoking, is made out of the wrong reasons, it will not last. The motivation that comes from celebratory moments and not from a real need to change is a short term one. Even with a good plan and all the best intentions, if you don’t truly want those changes to happen, you will unconsciously find a way not to stick to them.

They give you a green light to fail

Since those resolutions do not come from the inner need of change, you keep finding excuses for not sticking to them. Oh, just one cigarette for a company happy hour outing. It’s your child’s birthday, so you’ll have that cake. I’m so tired today so I’ll just skip the gym. After a few excuses like this, you’ll realize you actually like the way you are, and that there’s always another New Year to try to change something.

Don't make New Year's resolutions that are likely to fail. Plan to create a permanent life change instead.
Don’t make New Year’s resolutions that are likely to fail. Plan to make a permanent life change instead.

They don’t give you an immediate result  

On December 31 you might actually envision yourself hitting the gym regularly, and eating 5 veggies a day, but after a week of doing so, you don’t see much of a change in your appearance. You probably had unrealistic expectations of how much effort and time it takes to change a behavior and the size of your waistline.

The biggest reason behind failing New Year’s resolutions

All of the above is true, but the real reason why people often fail to maintain most of their New Year’s resolutions is that they know what they want, but you don’t know why they want it. And yes, while you do want to lose some weight and be a bit more healthy, do you really know why this is so important to you?

Try this instead: A real behavioral change that is not chained to a date but to your values

The New Year marks a good date to implement positive changes in your life, as with any other day. However, these shouldn’t come in the form of promises, but rather tangible goals that arise from a need to follow your values. Let’s look at the below examples:

Family time

If what really matters to you most is to spend quality time with your children, your goal could be to stay in good health for as long as you can, so you can enjoy your time as a parent. To do so, you want to make sure you don’t get diabetes, high blood pressure, or any other chronic condition that arises from an unhealthy diet or tobacco smoking. With the bigger picture in mind, it will be easier to eat a balanced diet, exercise, and quit smoking.

Obesity and overweight are linked to an array of serious health conditions
Obesity and overweight are linked to an array of serious health conditions


If your value the financial stability of your family, you also want to make sure that their future is protected. In addition to taking care of your own health, you will proactively search for ways to secure your family’s health, as well as their financial future in case something happens to you.


For those working long hours towards their career goals, bodily chronic pain or stress can be an issue. Regular check-ups and doctors visits can increase your chances of detecting any potential health issues, and treating or finding a way to prevent them in a timely matter. Finding appropriate help in time can contribute to the realization of your career (or any other) goal, and following your values.


If you live and breathe by the value of freedom and adventure, a goal of traveling the world might be the one to pursue. And, in addition to planning your adventures, you also need to protect your health while traveling, or when participating in any extreme sports you want to try. You might want to consider a multiple travel insurance plan, or a long term insurance solution that can stay with you through your entire life, internationally!

Value your health

The values throughout your life can change, and so the goals and means to achieve them. However, health and wellbeing are the basis for any action in life, and treating health as a secondary thing will not contribute to achieving any of your goals. Sometimes, it takes a drastic event to change a behavior. It can be a medical diagnosis, accident, or pregnancy. Take control of your own life and guide it the way you want, and do not leave it to chance or external factors.

So take some time this year to think about what really matters to you in life, and what kind of person you have to be to lead the life that you really want. If you find yourself in a need of expert insurance advice – contact us at Pacific Prime China – and we’ll be delighted to help you maintain your lifelong goals with the right insurance coverage.

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