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Announcing the Pacific Prime China Cyber Security Seminar!

Pacific Prime China is proud to announce a seminar we will be holding on Wednesday, January 31st 2018. This will be an excellent event for any individual, business, or other organization that is concerned with securing their electronic data and systems both online and off. In particular, the event will contain information specific to the cyber security for international schools in China. Join us for a day where key speakers will convene to discuss a topic that is becoming more and more important to our everyday lives. Here, we discuss what you can expect from the 2018 Cyber Security Seminar – China in more detail.

Cyber security seminar details

Come join Pacific Prime China representatives and other local and international cyber security leaders at the Shanghai World Financial Center in Pudong, Shanghai starting from 1:30pm in the afternoon on January 31st. The seminar will last until 5:00pm and tackle a number of cyber security topics, with special attention paid to the international schools sector.

Venue address:
SWFC 28F, Century Avenue 100, Shanghai Pudong

Entrance by RSVP only – Please contact Sylver Zhong at

Key issues to be covered

When it comes to cyber security, there are many different angles to be considered. Some organizations, like international schools, are particularly at risk when their cyber security is breached due to the nature of their membership or clientele, or simply the type of information that they store. With this in mind we will be tackling both general topics, as well as industry case studies that help provide examples of the unique cyber security concerns many high risk organizations face.

Key issues that will be covered include:

China cyber security law sharing – China has only recently released its new Cybersecurity Law, which has given the government unprecedented control over the country’s internet usage and associated data. This has raised concerns from foreign businesses and other entities that are wary of who might have access to their electronic information. This is a real concern, as the law now requires businesses to store certain types of data on servers inside of the country’s ‘Great Firewall’.

Implementing effective risk management – Having your data compromised is bad enough, but afterwards there can be fallout strong enough to bring any company to its knees. What are the real risks that could result from a breakdown of cyber security, and what steps should your organization be taking to properly insulate itself from them? Our panel will be on hand to delve into these topics and more related to cyber security risk management.

Cyber security of international schools – International schools have a special kind of risk attached to their data protection, as they are dealing with sensitive information of both children and their families. Using this sector as a case study, the people in these institutions that deal with cyber security every day will be on hand to discuss their unique challenges. This will help attendees to identify what their particular challenges may be, as well.

For those working at international schools, specifically, there will be discussion of recent cyber attacks, attempted extortions, and how these kinds of events can impact a school’s image.

Protecting online privacy of international schools with risk management tools – Find out the real world steps that international schools’ leadership have taken to address their cyber security concerns. There are a number of tools out there to bolster cyber security, and you should know what they are.


Pacific Prime China has assembled a panel of risk management experts to speak on the topic of cyber security at the seminar. These individuals come from diverse backgrounds, and have dealt with the issue of cyber security in different ways. Their collective knowledge should see attendees leaving the event with newfound and valuable knowledge of the topic that they can share with their own teams and employers.

Presenters and panelists include:

  • Jason Armer – Country Manager, Pacific Prime China
  • Gary Gu – Partner, Ernst & Young Advisory Services
  • Vincent Guo – Manager, Ernst & Young Advisory Services
  • Alan Preis – Director of Technology, Shanghai American School
  • Anne Shi – Head of Customer & Distribution Management, Allianz China
  • Sylver Zhong – Leading Consultant, Pacific Prime Business Insurance Unit

Event agenda

Pacific Prime China has a full afternoon planned to give presenters ample time to discuss their areas of expertise. The event agenda is as follows:

1:30pm – Registration
2:00pm – Opening Speech by Pacific Prime’s Jason Armer
2:10pm – China Cyber Security Law Explained with Ernst & Young’s Gary Gu and Vincent Guo
3:10pm – Tea Break
3:25pm – Cyber Security Exposure and Risk Control Measures for International Schools with Pacific Prime’s Sylver Zhong
4:10pm – Panel Discussion on ‘How is Cyber Security Affecting Us?’
5:00pm – Event ends

Pacific Prime China

Pacific Prime China is an established insurance intermediary in China with over 500,000 individual and corporate clients worldwide. Part of the Pacific Prime group, the organization has offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, and Dubai. For 17+ years, we have been providing insurance and risk management solutions to corporate and other organizations through some of the top insurance providers in the world. Through our experience, Pacific Prime has amassed the knowledge necessary to advise clients on cyber security protection. International schools, in particular, are a specialty market that we serve and have keen insights into.

Presenter Sylver Zhong has a statement for potential attendees of the seminar: “In light of the recent changes to the new China Cybersecurity Law, Pacific Prime, together with Ernst & Young, has prepared a seminar to address the unique issues international schools face in China. The aim of the seminar is to help you understand how this affects your school and how to implement quality risk management solutions for cyber security.” Mr. Zhong, as well as the rest of the Pacific Prime China team, hope to see you on January 31st for what promises to be an enlightening event on a very important subject.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the event, or insurance more generally, please feel free to contact us today! Our knowledgeable insurance advisors will gladly make themselves available to you to help in any way they can.

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Disclaimer: Pacific Prime China solely represents, operates and manages locally regulated insurance products and services in the territory of PR China. Any references to Pacific Prime Global Company or Group, the international services, insurance products or otherwise stated written or verbally, is for introduction purposes about our overseas network only as each entity is fully independent.