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Short Term Insurance

Overview of how to apply for travel insurance in China through an international insurance intermediary.

Short Term & Travel Insurance

Customizable benefits make short term health plans an ideal option if you will be spending time in China as a visitor or foreigner.

You can get coverage on these policies with benefits that cater to your requirements. If you will be spending your time in areas in China with good quality healthcare or will only be overseas for a short time, you may only want to get insured for minimal in-patient treatments. If the area has a higher risk of injury or illness, or you believe has a lower quality of healthcare available then you may wish to opt for more in-depth benefits. 

Why not just Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance policies tend to cover limited in-patient treatments and exclude any for pre-existing conditions. While the extent of coverage differs based on the plan you choose, a short term health insurance policy can provide a much more extensive range of options and an ability to customize the plan. 


Take advantage of the flexibility offered by travel insurance plans. Whether you require coverage per trip or are looking for an annual policy, we have what you need.

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