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Home Insurance in China

Pacific Prime China’s home insurance solutions.

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HomeGuardianPlus Features

Welcome to Pacific Prime China's brand new product designed to protect homes in China. HomeGuardianPlus through PICC P&C, offers a range of coverage from the contents in your home through to pet liability. 

Our home insurance plans are suitable for all ages and occupations and are annual and guaranteed renewable. We do not calculate your premium based on your nationality or your occupation, instead, the premium is a flat rate.

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Contents - Coverage against named natural hazards and accidents resulting in damage to furniture, electronic appliances, personal belongings, etc.

Employer’s Liability - Covers hired help in case of accidental death and dismemberment in the course of employment.

Burglary & Robbery - Covers loss of content within premises as a result of burglary or robbery.

Electronic Appliances Breakdown - Covers damage to electronic appliances resulting from power surges, improper construction and wiring, or faulty circuits.

Cash, Jewelry, and Precious Metals - Covers loss of cash, jewelry, and precious metals within premises as a result of burglary or robbery.

Portable Electronic Devices (Worldwide) - Covers loss due to theft or robbery of electronic devices such as mobile phones, cameras, laptops, etc. worldwide.

Auxiliary Building - Extended coverage that includes standalone facilities such as swimming pools, porches, sheds, etc.

Golf Clubs (China) - Covers loss of golf clubs due to named accidents, theft, malicious sabotage, etc. within mainland China only.

Temporary Rental - Covers expenses for a temporary rental when your main insured premises become uninhabitable due to natural hazards or accidents.      

Home Relocation - Covers costs for temporary relocation in the event that the main premises become uninhabitable.

Camping Equipment (China) - Covers loss of camping equipment due to named accidents, animal attacks, malicious sabotage, etc. within mainland China only.


Pet Liability (Shanghai) - Coverage for third party bodily injury or property damage caused by insured pets within Shanghai.




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