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Business insurance

Business insurance in China, secure general insurance or fine tune your plans for your business with a solution from Pacific Prime China.

Business insurance solutions for China

Pacific Prime China has developed relationships with the largest and most respected insurance providers in the region. These relationships allow our advisors to help administer coverage for employees around the world with three or more group members. Groups we work with cover everything from companies, to a sport or social club. We can offer premium discounts on global medical insurance along with general business insurance that can be customized to meet your group's coverage needs.

If you are looking for Property & Casualty cover, we have a specific solution for your group. Download the brochure below to learn more, or keep reading to learn more about our other business insurance solutions. 

Why should companies consider Business Insurance?

You work hard to ensure your business is growing or profitable and your customers are happy. The right business insurance solution works with you to ensure that your business is protected should something threaten it. Beyond protecting your business, a sound business insurance solution can also be an incredibly useful tool that helps you attract, retain, and protect the best employees. 

Corporate insurance solutions from Pacific Prime China, tailored for you

Pacific Prime China has been a group health insurance expert for more than 17 years. If you need to know what options you have, how to customize the benefits of a plan, or how to deliver that plan to your staff, the team from our global company have got you covered. 

In order to deliver the best business insurance solution, Pacific Prime's advisors employ a unique 'Broker Framework'. This framework is an established process that helps to tailor a solution for every business. 

This process includes:

  • A Consulting approach that ensures options are targeted and tailored to any business or industry;
  • Policy Broking expertise to ensure you have the best options of plans and insurers available to you, or that your renewal is to your advantage;
  • A Plan Administration approach that sees us become your main point of contact for any insurance related questions, concerns, or claims, leaving you free to run your business while we deal with the insurer on your behalf.

We don't just stop with a broker framework, however. We strive to offer an unparalleled level of service that supports your business and corporate insurance solution throughout the whole life of the solution. In particular, the corporate team maximizes its market intelligence and established relationships with many top insurers to leave clients with no doubt they’re working with the best in the business.

In addition to the great service on offer, we also utilize valuable tools and resources our clients can take advantage of, including:

  • Census and premium management/accounting tools
  • A claims management tool
  • A document management platform
  • Insurance guides and industry reports

All of these are provided free-of-charge to Pacific Prime’s corporate clients in order to make their insurance experience fast and efficient, as well as streamlining all insurer-related administration.

Why work with Pacific Prime China?

Having spent nearly two decades establishing and maintaining valuable relationships with all of the sector’s top insurers has made our team a top industry partner for both insurers and clients alike. Our extensive network allows us to attract and serve companies in virtually every industry imaginable, including:

  • International schools
  • Engineering companies
  • Financial services firms
  • Legal firms
  • Oil and gas companies

We also serve many smaller local businesses and startups in many locations around the world including China. Regardless of the size and scale of your business, we’re committed to negotiating the coverage you need for the best possible price. And we’re more than just about insurance sales; we provide renewal support, pricing and performance benchmarking, and policy migration support if you later decide to change insurers.

Business insurance solutions offered by Pacific Prime China

In addition to our unique approach to serving clients, the solutions Pacific Prime China offers are unparalleled. In addition to health insurance, wellness programs, dental benefits, and life and long-term disability insurance, Pacific Prime’s clients can access the following:

Product liability

In today's legal climate, where small claims court is full of civil law suits and persons asking for compensation for damages, it is crucial that businesses who have anything to do with product creation, refurbishing, distribution, packaging, fulfillment, or retailing have product liability insurance in place to protect them from costly lawsuits.

Property insurance

Natural hazards and accidents are increasingly threatening the safety of our businesses every year. One single natural hazard or accident may cause a large loss and impact the regular operation for the business.

Public liability

Even when a business does everything right there is always the chance of an accident happening. Public liability insurance safeguards our customers and our staff. You can go about your working day knowing that if a problem does arise, it need not cause the business to go bankrupt. It also offers assurance to customers, who otherwise may not feel comfortable using our business. 

Life science liability

Life Science Liability is a special type of product liability insurance that focuses on solutions to risks for human clinical trial sponsors, drug manufacturers, medical devices providers, etc. There are only a few insurers in the market who are capable of delivering such a product, we can help you find them.  

Commercial general liability/Comprehensive general liability

Cover your business with one of the most common types of company insurance in China. Designed to provide cover for any damage or injury caused by your business operations this is an essential piece of insurance for any business. 

Clinical trial liability

With increasing number of clinical trials both in China and abroad, the exposure of tested drugs to tested volunteers is on the rise. Human Clinical Trial (HCT) liability insurance can take away these risks from drug manufacturers, medical facilities and research centers by offering a wide-range of coverage including bodily injury, explants costs, genetic damage, worsening of health conditions after HCT, side effects warned in ICF, and product efficacy. 

Professional indemnity/liability

Professional indemnity insurance offers professionals extra insurance against negligence claims, whereas public liability will only apply to direct injury or damage. It gives protection against legal claims made against the business for things such as negligence or misrepresentation. If you are in the service industry, or offer advice, then you should consider professional indemnity insurance as a standard cover requirement.

Machinery breakdown

Equipment and machines are essential to many companies in the daily production of their products. Many types of equipment can cost millions of RMB, and while it would be great if they ran forerver they will eventually breakdown. This can cause massive loss in both sales, wages, and recovery costs. By securing machinery breakdown insurance you can offset these costs. 


Employer's liability

When one of your workers is seriously injured, it can have a great impact on your businesses not to mention the fact that loss of certain key personnel imposes legal liabilities on us. It also negatively affects the operations of the business as well. Employer's liabilityi insurance can help to cover your company from these losses. 

Business interruption

Any stoppage in business, whether it be an accident, loss of machinery, natural disaster, hack, etc will have an impact on not only your bottom line but also existing contractual obligations. If it is serious enough, you could see your business fail. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to secure business interruption insurance. 

Directors' & Officers' liability

Regulations in some industries state that in certain cases the directors and officers of a company could be held liable with assets frozen during litigation. These can be devistating to a company, so secure liablity coverage. Events covered include: misstatement, misleading statement, breach of duty, breach of trust, etc.

Contractors - all risks

There are many uncertain factors that may happen during any construction work. For example, natural hazards (eg, Earthquake, heavy rainfall, etc.) or accidents (eg, fire and explosion) may cause project principals and contractors to suffer large amounts of loss. This type of coverage can help offset these losses. 

Specie insurance

Covering valuable items during collection, exhibition, transportation, loading and unloading and the damage that these hazards may cause. 


If you would like to learn more about business insurance, or need a quote for your company to get insured through Pacific Prime China, please contact Sylver Zhong at 

Sylver Zhong
Head of  Property & Casualty/Employee Benefits Insurance

Property & Casualty (Liability) Division

T   +86 021 3729 3553 (Direct)
M  +86 138 1870 9399

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