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NIKE Sports Camps

After more than 20 years of success in North America, NIKE Sports Camps has arrived in Greater China. NIKE Sports Camps is the largest sports camps network in the US and Canada, with over 500 locations offering more than 16 sports. Each year, over 60,000 passionate students from all over the world participate in our sports camp program. NIKE Sports Camps are all about fun, safety, sports learning and international education, and strive to maintain the highest standards in all these elements to make NIKE Sports Camps unique and successful. In terms of safety, NSC has partnered with Pacific Prime to ensure that, by having appropriate health insurance cover, all NSC students have access to the best healthcare facilities wherever they might be. NIKE Sports Camps run a comprehensive program in Hong Kong and Greater China.


  • Top Notch Star Coaches
  • World class training program and content
  • Custom made Nike Sports Camps products exclusively for Nike Campers
  • Unique highlights for every single Camp
  • Outstanding Leadership Program
  • Outstanding Sports English Program
  • International and Bilingual environment
  • Special offer on selected Nike Products
  • Special Certificates for Nike Sports Camp, NSC Leadership Program and NSC Sports English Program

For more information, please see the NIKE Sports Camps China website.

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