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Alltrust Insurance Company

Overview of Alltrust Insurance Company

Alltrust Insurance Company

Alltrust Insurance Company is a locally compliant insurance provider in China with headquarters in Shanghai. Alltrust Insurance provides a range of different insurance products that can benefit individuals and businesses alike. In 2011 Alltrust partnered with Bupa International allowing customers access to quality healthcare throughout the world.

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Unbeatable Reliability, Stability and Reputation

Bupa is well known for being on the client’s side in the event of a claim, this is why they have grown to be widely regarded as one of the two largest, and the most reliable, financially stable, reputable and honest health insurers on the market. 

Many other insurers are struggling to cover claims in China which is why they are increasing their rates substantially and introducing restrictions to expat orientated hospitals and clinics. Bupa will not do this, they have over 13 million clients worldwide and a revenue of over £8 billion, and so have no issue with paying large claims.

Extensive Direct Billing Network in China

Hospitals in China and across the globe (over 200,000 medical providers worldwide) recognize Bupa. This means ease of use for general visits and more importantly, no delays in an emergency situation.

Multi-lingual Service Center in China

No need to call overseas and/or speak to non-English speaking staff in the case of an emergency or for arranging a ‘guarantee of payment’ for a hospital.

Coverage for chronic & serious conditions

Even with a Bupa ‘hospitalisation only’ plan, you are fully covered for chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, as well as full inpatient and outpatient cancer coverage and outpatient scans such as CT and MRI.


When it comes to an emergency situation, Bupa will have no hesitation in getting you or your family member to a reputable hospital with state of the art facilities and expertise. In China, this may entail evacuation to Hong Kong where many hospitals are internationally recognized.

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