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Hospital List

A non-exhaustive list of hospitals in China where you can receive treatment through our insurers coverage.

China Hospitals and Medical Centres

Here is a list of hospitals and medical centres we recommend you seek treatment at in order to recieve the best care and cover from our insurer plans.

Contact us below if you have any questions regarding the hopsitals or any others you are more familiar with and we will do our best to help. 

Shanghai East International Medical Center

150 Jimo Road
Shanghai 200120

Pudong 24 Hour Emergency - 5879-9999 
Alternative - 150-0019-0899 

Since 2003, Shanghai East International Medical Center has been providing 24-hour out-patient and in-patient care to the international community not only in Shanghai, but also surrounding provinces. Our dedicated team of multilingual medical professionals provide a wide range of world-class services that make us the healthcare provider of choice for multinational corporations, international schools, foreign consulates, five-star hotels, and families from all over the world.

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Parkway Health Medical Centers

Chengdu No. 1 People's Hospital
18 Wan Xiang North Road
Chengdu 610041

Tel: 028 8531-7899 (24 hours)

In 2005 ParkwayHealth opened the Gleneagles Medical and Surgical Center in Shanghai bringing world-renowned quality healthcare to Shanghai.Through the acquisition of the World Link group in 2007, ParkwayHealth is now Shanghai’s largest foreign owned medical network.

With more than 80 qualified physicians, providing over 30 specialties, ParkwayHealth is a leading comprehensive healthcare provider.

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Global HealthCare

ECO City, Suite 303,
1788 Nanjing West Road

Tel: (86) 136 8188 8833

Global HealthCare (GHC) is a medical & dental center operated by international doctors and dentists from the US, Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, and Japan. Specialists are available in Cardiology, Urology, Pediatrics, Pulmonology, Internal Medicine, General Medicine, Psychiatry, Family Dentistry, Clinical Psychology, Nutrition, etc

We are dedicated to the health and well-being of the global and local communities and passionately committed to providing the highest quality patient care and services in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human illness

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Shanghai United Family

1139 Xianxia Road, Changning,
Shanghai, China

Tel: +86 21 2216 3900

Shanghai United Family Hospital and Clinics (SHU) is the first international standard healthcare service hospital established in Shanghai. A joint venture between Chindex international Inc. and the Shanghai Changning Central District Hospital, SHU opened its doors December 1, 2004.

Our dedicated international team of physicians prides itself in providing international healthcare without international travel, thus making it possible for families in China to enjoy quality healthcare services without having to travel long distances. We will share knowledge and experience between the two hospitals, allowing us to further increase the quality and availability of our services.

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St. John's Health Clinic

No. 4, Lane 398, Dapu Road, Luwan District
Shanghai, China.

Tel: 021-5302-9922

St.John's Health Clinic is known as the first 5-star executive health center in Shanghai with 4,500 square meters elegant-designed environment. St. John's has a full set of pioneered medical equipments and provides state-of-the-art services with unique features including Analgesic Gastroenteroscopy, m-RNA Gene Analysis, MRI Systemic Imaging Cancer Screen, Medical Test of Anti-aging Function, Medical Cosmetology, Dentistry, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western medicine, which will help you to comprehensively manage your health and promote wellness.

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