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Pre Existing Conditions in China

If you have a pre-existing condition Pacific Prime can show you how to manage it in China with health insurance

Pre-Existing Conditions

A pre-existing condition is any injury or illness affecting you or one that used to, that existed before the start of a new insurance plan.

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Five Usual Responses

Insurers in China tend to respond with varying policy options when faced with pre-existing conditions:

  1. Full coverage including your pre-existing conditions, with no premium loading or exclusions.
  2. Coverage for your pre-existing conditions through premium loading
  3. Pre-existing conditions medical insurance after a moratorium period.
  4. Standard medical insurance excluding coverage for your pre-existing conditions.
  5. Refusal of coverage entirely.

An increasing number of insurers are now open to covering pre-existing conditions.  

How Pre-Existing Conditions Can Be Covered

Insurers will treat each case of pre-existing conditions differently. Trying to pick an insurer can therefore be overwhelming and confusing. There are several ways of incorporating pre-existing conditions on your plan, and we can help you to find appropiate coverage.

Firstly, you are more likely to get coverage from a high quality insurer that you can continue your cover with long-term. This will come at the cost of a higher premium, but will ensure you are covered for all your potential costly treatments. Known as premium loading, the added fees can range from increasing your annual premium by a small % to adding expensive fees to your monthly premiums depending on what the risk is of covering your condition.

A second way of covering pre-existing conditions is through an MHD policy (Medical History Disregarded). These policies are group health insurance plans, and so work differently from individual plans. An insurer will cover all your individual pre-existing conditions, as the risk to the insurer of covering your individual condition is outweighed by the overall group size and the premium costs of a large group. To set up an MHD policy, you need a corporate health insurance plan. It is recommended that you get some specialist advice before doing this, and we can help.

Finally, you may be offered a plan that includes a moratorium period. A moratorium is a pre-determined amount of time that an insurance company will not cover your pre-existing condition for. If you go through the moratorium period without receiving treatment for your pre-existing condition at all, then the insurer will cover the condition from that point onwards. These periods are typically 2 years long, although the length can differ between insurers, and on a case by case basis.

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