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Private vs Public Health Care in Shanghai

Pacific Prime China has released a new guide looking at the various health care systems in China’s biggest, and arguably most popular, city - Shanghai.

Posted on Apr 27, 2015 by Rob McBroom

This guide, titled: Public, Private and International Healthcare in SHANGHAI, looks at the three main health care systems present in the city. From public health care, to private, and international centers, the guide provides an overview of the different options available to expats in and around Shanghai. 

Pacific Prime developed this guide partly in response to feedback we have had regarding the state of health care in not only China, but also Shanghai.  Because Shanghai is such a large city, with a diverse population, it can be a struggle to find the health care you need especially due to the fact that the quality of health care can vary so greatly between the public and private system.

Covering aspects like how the current system came about, to the different types of hospitals, insurance, cost, emergencies, and traditional medicine, readers can gain a clearer understanding of how the system works and how to navigate the health care system in the city.

Pierre de Mirman, Country Manager (China) at Pacific Prime commented, “With the health care system in China, more specifically Shanghai, changing at such a rapid pace over the past two decades, it can be tough for seasoned expats, let alone new expats, to even begin to navigate the system. This guide provides a sound high level overview, thus making it easier for all parties to understand.”

The guide is available for free from Pacific Prime China’s site, which can be found for free here.

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