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New claims center launched

Pacific Prime has launched a new claims resource center, possibly the biggest in Asia. Read on to learn more about it and how you can access it in China.

Posted on Jul 30, 2015 by Rob McBroom

In China, Pacific Prime works with some of the biggest international health insurance providers to offer expats and Chinese nationals the best health insurance available to the market. Due to these partnerships, we not only offer the best insurance, but are able to provide valuable support that truly simplifies it.

That being said, improvements can always be made to further simplify health insurance for our clients. While Pacific Prime is always tweaking our service and partnerships, we find that there are still bottlenecks. One of the biggest is present in the overall claims process, and that is access to essential documents. If clients don't have access to documents like claims forms, then the whole process can be held up. In an effort to remedy this Pacific Prime has come up with a new claims center for individual health insurance plans.

About our new Claims Center  

Launched recently on the main Pacific Prime website, the claims center has been created to offer our clients easy access to the forms they will need during the claims process. By bringing all of these forms together, we have created Asia's largest health insurance claims resource center with forms from all of the major insurers we work with in China, and Asia.

To start, we have claims and authorization forms for individual health insurance plans offered by both local and international providers, but we also plan on extending the types of documents available in the near future. In addition, we will be launching a Chinese language version of our claims center for clients in China in the coming weeks.

Accessing the resources in our claims center

The claims center can be accessed by going to Pacific Prime China's website and clicking on the Claims Center button at the top of any page there. This will open the claims center for China in a new tab. You can also visit the page directly by clicking on this link.  

Once the new page opens you will see two options:

  • International Providers - Contains claims forms for international providers we work with in China. If you have purchased an international or worldwide coverage health insurance plan from Pacific Prime in China, you will find the relevant claims forms here.

  • Local Providers - Contains claims forms for local health insurance providers - plans with coverage only in China or your region.

By clicking on either of the options above, you will see a drop-down menu appear with a list of insurers Pacific Prime works with in China. Clicking on a provider will open another drop-down menu with the available forms in PDF format. Selecting a form will open it in a new tab. You can download any of the forms by:

  1. Selecting your plan type (international or local).

  2. Clicking on your provider followed by the form you would like to download.

  3. Hovering your mouse over the form in the new tab that opens.

  4. Clicking the disk icon in the bottom right and then selecting where on your computer you would like to save the file.

We strongly recommend that if you are in China you download and print a few of the forms, especially the pre-authorization forms if available. By having these forms on hand you can start the claims process earlier, which means you could be seen by a doctor quicker.

If you have any questions about the claims center, or about the claims process at Pacific Prime, please contact us today.

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