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Meet the Advisors

Get to know more about Pacific Prime's expert advisors in China.

Meet the Advisors

Pacific Prime's team of Shanghai and Beijing-based expert advisors strive to constantly offer the best service to our customers. Backed by over a decade of experience, they are able to develop innovative health insurance solutions that will meet the coverage needs of our clients. 

Jason Armer

This image shows Jason Armer

Country Manager - China
Languages: English
Phone: +86 21 2426 6533

Jason currently manages the Corporate Employee Benefits for Pacific Prime China’s two office locations - Shanghai and Beijing. Originally from South Africa, he moved to China in 2010 and joined Pacific Prime as a Sales Consultant. He held various sales and management roles within the organization before moving into his current role in 2016. His key focus involves day-to-day client experience for key corporate accounts and maintaining Pacific Prime’s industry-leading position on delivering exceptional service and support.

In his downtime, he appreciates a slower pace of life and takes the opportunity to travel throughout China and South East Asia, enjoying the many beautiful places and foods the region has to offer.

Pierre Morin

This image shows Pierre Morin.

Head of Sales
Languages: French, English
Phone: +86 21 2426 6541

Now Head of Sales, Pierre has worked in many departments since he was hired by Pacific Prime in 2015, including Sales International, Sales China, Renewal and Corporate. He is responsible for the development of new joiners as well as existing Pacific Prime staff. His position requires him to have a deep understanding of the Medical Insurance Market, which is a skill he develops by taking part in the management of relationships with insurers, local partners, and clients.

Born in France, Pierre holds business degrees in France (Pierre Mendes-France University) and the U.S. (Coastal Carolina University). Pierre’s homeschooling when he was a professional athlete helps him meet his job’s high level of demand. Despite his love for his country of origin, Pierre has already traveled to all the continents and many countries, giving him an international and multi-cultural background.

Typically running between meeting rooms, networking events, and colleagues’ desks, Pierre is always happy to share some of his time to discuss opportunities. Feel free to contact him.

Bosco Sun

This image shows Bosco Sun.

Head of Corporate Sales - China
Languages: Chinese, English
Phone: +86 21 2426 6537
WeChat: 13901902700

Bosco joined Pacific Prime in 2011 as the Head of Corporate Sales in China, where he is responsible for corporate employee benefits insurance. With many years of experience advising clients on insurance and retaining a long-term partnership with existing clients, he provides professional consulting services to a large number of international and local organizations in a diverse range of industries.

Bosco was born in Shanghai, where he currently resides. When he is not working, he spends his time traveling around the world and playing team sports like basketball and football with friends.

Sylver Zhong

This image shows Sylver Zhong.

Head of Global P&C and Local EB
Languages: Chinese, English
Phone: +86 21 2426 6431 

As Senior Business Director of Pacific Prime, Sylver is responsible for global corporate P&C and China’s corporate EB insurances. His career in the insurance industry spans over 14 years. Sylver has accumulated tremendous experience in business development, consulting, brokerage, operations and training in all lines of insurance solutions. He firmly believes a professional broker is the one who will stand in clients’ shoes and works to the best interests of clients.

Sylver is based in Shanghai, China. When not working, he much enjoys tennis, different sports and socializing.

Flora Zhang

This image shows Flora Zhang.

Sales Team Leader
Languages: Chinese, English
Phone: +86 189 1800 3357
WeChat: Flora_PacificPrime

Flora has been working in the medical insurance industry for more than 5 years and is experienced with insurers and brokers. She is knowledgeable when it comes to the China market and is an expert at giving health plan advice for both Chinese and expats. She is keen on finding the most competitive and suitable plans for her clients including individual and corporate. She is also leading a remarkable sales team of four and involved in the company sales recruitment as well as some daily management.

Crystal Chen

This image shows Crystal Chen.

Senior Sales Manager
Languages: Chinese, English 
Phone: +86 139 1857 3603
WeChat: Crystal438628 /13918573603

Crystal joined Pacific Prime in 2012. As Head of Sales in China, she handles all sales-related questions and tasks, motivates the team members to increase business numbers, assists management and develops company strategies. With years of experience and a strong understanding of the health insurance industry, Crystal leverages her skills to help individuals and businesses with medical and life insurance in the China market. Born in Shanghai, Crystal received a degree from East China Normal University.

When not at work, Crystal enjoys movies, eating, drinking, and traveling.

Giulia Signorini

This image shows Giulia Signorini

Training Team Leader
Languages: Italian, English
Phone: +86 189 3981 0036 / +86 21 2426 6512
WeChat: Giuliapacificprime

Since joining Pacific Prime in 2017, Guilia has been providing reliable advice to new clients, with a special focus on China and Southeast Asia. Based in Shanghai, Guilia is quite involved in foreign communities and is an important reference for Italians looking for medical insurance.

Born in Italy, Guilia graduated with a degree in Politics from the Queen Mary University of London. She moved to China in 2014 and started working in the trading field for two years before joining the insurance sector. She spends her free time traveling around Asia and playing different types of sports.

Wallace Yeung

This image shows Wallace Yeung.

Senior Advisor
Languages: Chinese, English
Phone: +86 181 2129 8634
WeChat: 18121298634

Wallace has been working in Sales for Pacific Prime for almost five years. He is an autonomous person who is always proactive and enthusiastic about helping clients achieve their requirements and making them happy. Flexible, creative, and adaptable to new market trends, Wallace is strong in communications, negotiation, and interpersonal skills. He is also results-oriented with good customer relationship management, well-organized, and manages his time effectively. Clients continue to refer him to friends and family members who are looking for insurance solutions.

Walter Franco

This image shows Walter Franco.

Sales Team Leader
Languages: Spanish, English 
Phone: +86 010 6468 0591

Walter Franco is a Team leader for Pacific Prime Beijing. He joined the company in January 2017 and is passionate about Pacific Prime and the insurance industry, one of his main priorities is to understand his clients and provide them with unparalleled and creative solutions . Now he is managing a big part of the Beijing office Sales team where he works alongside his team to continue growing in the market. Outside of work he enjoys photography, weightlifting and cycling.

Michelangela Collinassi

This image shows Michelangela Collinassi.

Sales Team Leader
Languages: Italian, English
Phone: +86 181 0183 0475
WeChat: Michelangela-PP

As team leader, Michelangela is in charge of managing the sales team in the Beijing office, organizing training for the new salespeople, and is responsible for the team’s spirit, knowledge, and sales skills. She’s also exploring and researching Chinese and ROW international medical insurance market, selling high-end medical plans for individuals, families, and corporate policies, including income protection, AD&D, travel and life insurances.

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