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Business Insurance

Business Insurance in China, secure general insurance or fine tune your plans for your business.

Business Insurance

Pacific Prime China has developed relationships with the largest and most respected insurance providers. These relationships allow our consultants to help administer coverage for employees around the world with three or more group members. Your group may be among others a company, sports club or social club. We can offer premium discounts on global medical insurance and customize your coverage for whichever group you fit into.

Why should companies consider Business Insurance?

A well designed business insurance package, as a good long term investment, will offer companies
with sufficient protection and peace of mind on reasonable and stable costs so that businesses can
focus on production and profits gaining without keeping a huge amount of reserve or worrying about
future uncertainties.


If you would like to learn more about business insurance, or need a quote for your company to get insured through Pacific Prime China, please contact Sylver Zhong at 

Sylver Zhong
Head of  Property & Casualty/Employee Benefits Insurance

Property & Casualty (Liability) Division

T   +86 21 2426 6431 (Direct)
M  +86 138 1870 9399
E    [email protected]

Product Liability

In today's legal climate, where small claims court is full of civil law suits and persons asking for compensation for damages, it is crucial that businesses who have anything to do with product creation, refurbishing, distribution, packaging, fulfillment, or retailing have product liability insurance in place. One legal claim could realistically put a business under such financial strain that maintaining cash flow, paying employees, or even staying in business, could be an impossibility. In North America, Europe, Australia, and even Asia, no matter how perfect your products present in design and manufacturing or how rigorous the products manual and warning label are drafted according to experts and lawyers' review, you may still suffer from a lawsuit. Despite all due diligence you have fulfilled, the lawsuit will drag you into a long and costly process to prove it.

Property Insurance

Natural hazards and accidents are increasingly threatening the safety of our businesses every year. One single natural hazard or accident may cause a large loss and impact the regular operation for the business.

Public Liability

Even when a business does everything right there is always the chance of an accident happening. Public liability insurance safeguards our customers and our staff and the business can go about its working day knowing that if a problem does arise, it need not cause the business to go bankrupt. It also offers assurance to customers, who otherwise may not feel comfortable using our business. 

Life Science Liability

Life Science Liability is a special type of product liability insurances. It focuses on solutions of risks for human clinical trial sponsors, drug manufacturers, medical devices providers etc. There are only a few insurers in the market that are specialized in Life Science liability insurance solutions. 

Commercial General Liability/Comprehensive General Liability

It is a standard and popular insurance package which includes General Liability, Product’s Liability, Advertising Injuries, Medical Expenses, etc. and usually a request from vendors to suppliers. 

Clinical Trial Liability

With increasing number of clinical trials both in China and abroad, the exposures of tested drugs to tested volunteers are on the rise. Human Clinical Trial (HCT) liability insurance can take away these risks from drug manufacturers, medical facilities and research centers by offering wide range of coverage including bodily injury, explants costs, genetic damage, worsening of health conditions after HCT, side effects warned in ICF and product efficacy. 

Professional Indemnity/Liability

As the service industry expands quickly in China, so do the challenges facing today's professionals: broadening contractual requirements, increasing demand of service qualities, and rising, sometimes unrealistic, expectations of clients are just a few. Professional indemnity insurance adds another extension on as it offers professionals extra insurance  against negligence claims, whereas public liability will only apply to direct injury or damage. It gives protection against legal claims made against the business, such as negligence or misrepresentation. If we are in the service industry, or offer advice, then we should consider professional indemnity insurance as a standard cover requirement.

Machinery Breakdown

Equipments and machineries are very important for certain industries during their daily production. Many types of equipments cost millions of RMB. When we enjoy the convenience they bring, we must also face the problems they cause when the equipments are broken up during the production, which will then stop the operation and may delay the delivery of products on time.

Employer's Liability

When an insured's worker is seriously injured, it has great impact on businesses. Loss of certain key personnel imposes legal liabilities on us. It also negatively affect the operations of the business as well.

Business Interruption

When accidents happened, profit losses always follow the property damage. Property damage may cause the decreasing production capability of the business, and fixed costs such as salary, rental, and management fees continue to be paid by us, and these issues may further decrease our gross profit, sometimes the loss of gross profit may be many times than the property damage, and it will take us a long time to recover.

Directors' & Officers' Liability

Your directors and officers could be personally liable and have their personal assets at risk in litigations which could be for substantial damages and last several years. Claims against directors and officers may be brought for a variety of reasons including misstatement, misleading statement, breach of duty, breach of trust, etc.

Contractors'/Erection All Risks

There are many uncertain factors that may happen in any construction work, any natural hazard (eg, Earthquake, heavy rainfall, etc.) or accidents (eg, fire and explosion) that may cause project principals and contractors to suffer large amounts of loss.

Specie Insurance

Covering valuable items under collection, exhibition, transportation, loading and unloading that face many hazards.

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