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Most sexually active people will contract Human Papillomavirus (HPV) at some stage in their lives. While most strains of HPV are benign and will go away on their own, certain types can cause skin and genital warts, and some can even lead to cancer. Download this FREE resource today to learn more about HPV treatment in China.

Download your free copy of our China HPV Guide

HPV in China explained

There are 150+ types of HPV. While most types are harmless, there are about 40 strains that can infect the genital area. The most worrying strains of HPV are the ones that cause cancer, e.g. throat cancer and cervical cancer. Our free-to-download guide gives readers the lowdown on HPV symptoms, prevention, treatment, and health insurance coverage.

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If you're sexually active, or have had sexual contact, your best form of protection is to learn the facts about how to prevent HPV. In our free-to-download guide, we answer the most commonly-asked questions about HPV in China:

  • What is HPV?
  • Does my health insurance cover HPV care?
  • How is HPV spread?
  • What are the symptoms of HPV?
  • How do I prevent HPV?
  • How is HPV diagnosed?
  • How much do HPV vaccinations cost in China?

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Learn everything you need to know about HPV

Leveraging Pacific Prime China's in-depth knowledge of healthcare and insurance in China,
this informative guide is divided into nine easy-to-read sections:

    1. What is HPV?
    2. How is HPV spread?
    3. What are the symptoms of HPV?
    4. Are there tests available for detecting HPV?
    5. How can I avoid HPV?
    6. Can I be treated for HPV?
    7. The cost of HPV vaccination in Shanghai
    8. Does my health insurance plan cover HPV?
    9. Using Pacific Prime China to your advantage

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